About AITranscriptor.com

Welcome to AITranscriptor.com, my dive into AI transcription. This site is my side project where I explore personal and bulk AI transcription tools to help you make informed choices.

My Mission and Solo Project Challenges

I'm here to share insights on AI transcription, but as a one-person team, keeping up with fast technology changes is tough. Sometimes, updates might lag behind. But, I'm always working to bring you helpful info.

My Approach

Here’s what I do at AITranscriptor.com:

  • Reviews and Updates: I try to cover a range of AI transcription tools. Given I'm doing this solo, some new stuff might take a bit to get on here.

  • Encouraging Your Research: I can't catch everything fast, so I include links for you to do more digging.

  • Open for Input: Got something to share or a new tool? Hit up the Contact Page or Tool Submission Page.

Transparency Note

I don’t guarantee the performance of tools I review.

On AITranscriptor.com, I use affiliate and referral links, and sometimes I chat with the founders of the tools I review. I often follow these founders on Twitter and enjoy seeing their journey in building these tools. It's important for you to know that this might introduce some bias in my reviews. I would ideally like to make some side profits off of this site, fingers crossed! These interactions and affiliations could influence my perspective. Just something to keep in mind as you read through the site.

Your Role

Your feedback and participation make this site better. While I can't always be super quick with updates, I aim to give a broad view of AI transcription tools. Use this site as a starting point and add your own research.

Join me in exploring AI transcription. Whether you're new or experienced, your involvement is key to AITranscriptor.com's growth.